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Shannon Morrison

Shannon is a wickedly funny and out-of-the-box dreamer who is just as likely to help you with a solution to a complex content problem as crack you up laughing in a serious meeting.

He is the founder of Mighty Social Word, a successful digital marketing company that he created in order to help entrepreneurs and small business owners expand their presence online through engaging content.

Shannon is a master at taking existing content and repurposing it into a variety of different formats which allows his clients to focus on what they are good at and what they want to do.

From Facebook to Pinterest to Tik Tok to email, Shannon loves creating clickable content that gets his clients right where they need to be.

His holistic approach to online marketing enables him to help companies in various industries, giving his clients a seamless digital experience.

As far as content creators go, Shannon is able to provide top-quality content effortlessly. He can take your ideas and run with them, turning them into brilliant pieces of content that can be utilised time and time again, across various mediums covering video, text and audio. If you’ve been struggling to come up with enough content ideas for your business, you’ve found the right place to take your business into the digital stratosphere.

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Proud AWC graduate
Proud AWC graduate
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I like to get out and about – a little podcast interview here – a little speaking gig there, check out some of the pearls of wisdom I have shared with the world

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I’ve been a qualified fur baby for 6 months and have a Doctorate from the Plenty Valley Council in sitting, playing dead and fetching. I have an honours degree in sleeping and like to catch birds in my spare time.



Qualified in the full adobe suite, design principles and a high work ethic there is no project big or small that I can’t sink my teeth into. If branding was a game I would be a world champion. 



I use my diploma of roll over to full effect here at Mighty Social Word, making sure our team maximises their capability utilising a three-step formula: bark, play and jump. I am a firm believer in collaboration.

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