Frequently Asked Questions

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Sometimes you just want to have a little bit more information at your fingertips before making a decision. And that is totally cool.

If you can’t find an answer here please reach out – I am always super happy to answer your questions.

General questions

01. Who are you?

My name is Shannon Morrison, I am a content creator and digital marketing all-rounder. I have a whole story about myself on my about page that I worked really hard on – so go check that out (c’mon, make me feel better).

02. Where are you located?

I eat, sleep, work and live in Melbourne – in the city for work and in the leafy and beautiful suburb of Rosanna for home.

03. How much do you charge?

I have very good rates for all of the services I offer and have some pricing listed on my site, check out blog repurposing, podcast repurposing and video repurposing pages for that information. For my other services, I will send you a proposal before we kick off any work.

04. I live outside Melbourne, can we still work together?
Of course, we can. I have spent that last 18 years of my life working in remote teams, I managed a team for Optus that was spread across the east coast of Australia (Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane) as well as the Philippines and India.

I regularly work with clients in Europe, Asia and North America as well as all over Australia.

05. Do you work on-site?

I am happy to work on-site if you prefer, though this is usually not required (the modern world has some amazing tools). I have a flat fee for any in-person meetings and I am happy to travel interstate if needed, this cost would be factored into your proposal with the cost being covered by you.

Content marketing questions

01. What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience based on their needs or pain points and is generally thought of as online or digital. It is often used by businesses in order to: Attract attention and generate leads. Expand their customer base.

Where traditional marketing would be a one night stand – content marketing is the long term romance

02. What goes into creating content?

Where I like to start is with working out another layer of audience type, something that is tied into a more traditional marketing funnel concept – but friendlier – which helps me to target the content development and output.

The stranger: brand new to you, has a need/want that you can help with.

The wannabe: likes what you do, engaged with you, knows you can help them, hasn’t bought from you yet.

The client: has purchased from you at least once and was satisfied with the result but is still willing to buy from others.

The friend: only purchases/engages with you on your thing above all others.

The best friend: actively promotes you to others and buys from you exclusively.

03. What are the types of content you can create?

Blogs – yours or on someone else’s, a website, articles, podcasts, your website, youtube videos, Socials: FB lives, Insta TV, snap chat, twitter, infographics, an eBook, a book, white papers, infographics, images, courses, presentations at conferences, networking, responding to comments online, reviews, case studies

04. How do you plan a good content approach?
For me, it’s about working out a way to create good quality content that will address your audience’s concerns and genuinely help them solve problems or do something in their day that made it easier for them and that you can leverage to make multiple types of content relatively easily.
05. How does SEO factor into a content strategy?

For me, if content marketing is the cake, SEO is the icing. It is an incredibly important factor, especially to content like blogs, or website content – anything online really – as it’s the way a lot of people who don’t know you will potentially find you online. You can really undo all the amazing work on some of your content if you don’t think about SEO and include it in your strategy.

And adding SEO as a layer to your content strategy can actually help you find content to produce – for example, long-tail keywords are usually a rich source of content ideas.

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